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Joining LIUNA in Quebec is easy.  Here’s how:

Step 1: Contact LIUNA
Call us at Local 62 in Montreal at 514-279-6381. Toll free: 1-800-816-6381. Or call Local 527A in Hull at 819-776-1114 or 613-521-6565. Or email us. Ask to speak with an Organizer – a specialist labour law who will answer all your questions. All contacts with LIUNA are confidential.  There is no obligation on your part.

Step 2: Safety Course Obligation
In the province of Quebec, you have to register for a safety course of 30 hours to be able to pass to the next step. There is a $100.00 fee for the course. For more information, contact LIUNA (see Step 1, above.)  

Step 3: Quebec construction permit
In the province of Quebec there is a special procedure for working in the construction industry.

You need to find an employer who will guarantee you a minimum of 150 hours of work.  Bring a letter of guarantee from the employer and $100 to either Local 62 or Local 527A.

You then complete an application form for a construction permit and also vote for your union representative: Conseil provincial du Quebec des métiers de la construction (International).

After that you have to wait for an opening pool from the Commission de la construction du Quebec for your construction permit.  When it opens we reserve a place for you and if your file is accepted by the Commission de la construction du Quebec (CCQ), you will receive your construction permit.

Agreement between Quebec and Ontario.

The Commission de la construction du Quebec (CCQ) has an agreement with the province of Ontario for members who want to work in the Quebec construction industry. They need two proofs of Ontario residency, at least 750 hours of work in construction in Ontario (to be exempt of the Quebec safety course) and pay a fee of $110 to obtain a Quebec construction permit without a regular pool opening.

LIUNA Will Protect Your Rights under Quebec labour law
 If your employer breaks the law, LIUNA will take legal steps to enforce your rights.
What are you waiting for?
If you think you need a union, which you do. LIUNA is one of Canada’s largest and most respected unions. A better life for you and your co-workers is just a phone call or email away. 

Contact us today!

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