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How does LIUNA give you more security? First, there’s job security. Every union seeks job security for its members but LIUNA is more effective in this than most. Here’s why:

In the construction sector, the more skills and up-to-date experience you have, the greater your security. No other union comes even close to LIUNA’s commitment to giving its members more opportunities through skills training. Every year, LIUNA invests millions of dollars in training programs that are free to members. Employers know that LIUNA-trained workers are the best. And if you want to move around Canada to find better-paying work in your field, a nation-wide network of LIUNA offices and training centres is there to inform and advise you about local opportunities. You’re part of the family.

In non-construction sectors, where seniority is a factor, LIUNA strongly protects its members’ seniority rights in recalls, promotions, shift choices, vacation time and other areas where seniority matters.

Secondly, there’s income security when you retire – your pension. Let’s face it: Time marches on. You need a pension plan. LIUNA’s multi-billion dollar pension fund is one of the largest and strongest in Canada’s private sector. And even if there is a pension plan where you work already, chances are near certain that LIUNA’s plan would provide higher benefits at no cost to you.

If you need more security – and who doesn’t? – you need LIUNA. We can definitely help.

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