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Joining LIUNA in Ontario is easy. Here’s how:

Step 1: Contact LIUNA
Call our Ontario office at 1-888-518-5646. Or email us. Ask to speak with an Organizer – a specialist in labour law who will answer all your questions. All contacts with LIUNA are confidential. There is no obligation on your part.

Step 2: Sign LIUNA Membership Cards
With the guidance of an Organizer, you and your co-workers sign LIUNA membership cards. When enough workers sign cards, LIUNA will apply to the Ontario Labour Relations Board for either a vote of the workers or an automatic certification. The Labour Relations Board is the neutral government body that oversees the Ontario law that protects workers’ rights to a union.

IMPORTANT: Under the law, it is an Unfair Labour Practice for an employer to ask you if you have signed a union card. If asked, say something like this: “There’s people I get along with on both sides of this, so I’d rather not say if I did or didn’t.” Later, call your LIUNA Organizer.

Step 3: Vote for LIUNA (if this is a necessary step)
If you work in a non-construction sector, the Labour Board requires a vote no matter how many workers signed cards. This secret ballot vote is held within five working days of the day the Union files its application with the Board. If more than 50% percent vote for the union, it is certified.

In the construction sector, the union can be certified without a vote if more than 55% of the workers sign LIUNA membership cards. But the union can ask for a vote if at least 40% have signed. Majority rules.

LIUNA Will Protect Your Rights Under Ontario Labour Law
Most employers would rather not have their employees represented by a union. But the choice is not theirs. Under Ontario labour law, your employer cannot interfere with your decision to join a union. Employers can talk about the union generally but are forbidden from making any promises or threats, or to do anything that might prevent employees from making a free decision.

If your employer breaks the law, LIUNA will take legal steps to enforce your rights.

What are you waiting for?
If you think you need a union, you probably do. LIUNA is one of Canada’s largest and most respected unions. A better life for you and your co-workers is just a phone call or email away.

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