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Yukon Territory

Joining LIUNA in the Yukon is easy. Here’s how:

Contact LIUNA
Call LIUNA Local 1611 at (604) 432-9300. Or email us. Ask to speak with an Organizer – a specialist in labour law who will answer all your questions. All contacts with LIUNA are confidential. There is no obligation on your part.

NOTE: The Board may certify a union automatically if it considers that, in the absence of the unfair labour practice, the union could reasonably have been expected to have had the support of a majority of employees in the bargaining unit.

LIUNA Will Protect Your Rights under Yukon Labour Law

Most employers would rather not have their employees represented by a union. But the choice is not theirs. Under Yukon labour law, your employer cannot interfere with your decision to join a union. Employers can talk about the union generally but are forbidden from making any promises or threats, or to do anything that might prevent employees from making a free decision.

If your employer breaks the law, LIUNA will take legal steps to enforce your rights.

What are you waiting for?
If you think you need a union, you probably do. LIUNA is one of Canada’s largest and most respected unions. A better life for you and your co-workers is just a phone call or email away.

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